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location 400 North Capitol Street, NW Suite 650 Washington, DC 20001
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C-SPAN, the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, is located in Washington, D.C., one block from the Capitol. The cable television industry created C-SPAN in 1979 to provide live, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1986, C-SPAN2 was launched to provide corresponding coverage of the U.S. Senate. C-SPAN3, launched in 2001, provides additional public affairs programming. Since then, C-SPAN's programming has broadened to include in-depth coverage of the federal government's executive and judicial branches, national and international public affairs events, and extensive coverage of campaigns and elections. In 1993, C-SPAN created C-SPAN.org as a comprehensive online resource for public affairs information, and it contains nearly 250,000 hours of archived C-SPAN content. In 1998, we launched Book TV on C-SPAN2, devoted to exploring the world of nonfiction. In 2011, we expanded again with American History TV on C-SPAN3, programming dedicated to the people and events that shaped the country.

Providing unedited and balanced access to public affairs continues to be our main goal. The network offers viewers an opportunity to see public policy events as they happen, often in their entirety and without any commentary from us. Our philosophy is unique: We allow viewers to judge events for themselves and to critically assess current issues.

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